What is
BioTalent Program?

June 12 – Mar de Vigo Auditorium

Limited places (in order of registration)

Your opportunity to connect with the main companies in the bio sector, and find out about their most sought-after positions.

¿What will you get if you sign up
in the BioTalent Program?

Just for signing up…
1. Get direct access to the Galicia Biodays
2. Access the different presentations and conferences that will take place at Galicia Biodays
3. Include your CV in the largest bio talent community in Spain and Portugal: the Biotalent Platform
4. Exclusive access to Biotalent Day: an activity reserved for talent to meet first-hand the hiring managers of the best companies in the sector
5. Discover the results of the 1st Bio Talent Report (BIOGA)

Target audience:

Junior profiles, recent graduates in VET, Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, in careers related to Life Sciences or in management and business development fields.
Senior profiles, with proven experience in the sector and/or in areas related to business development.

What companies will be at BioTalent Day?

Participants range from multinational pharmaceutical and bioinformatics firms to small and medium-sized biotech enterprises, including technology centers and cross-sector companies in food, chemicals, and marine sciences. The bio sector is looking for Project Managers, Laboratory Technicians, PhDs, Industrial PhDs, Researchers, R&D Managers, Business Developers, Postdocs…

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More confirmations coming soon

Which entities collaborate with the BioTalent Program?

The BioTalent Program has the collaboration of Servitalent, a professional services company specialised in helping companies to attract, find, evaluate and audit managerial and highly specialised talent. The Servitalent team is an expert in attracting talent in the life sciences sector, with clients and collaborators in areas such as pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, etc.


In addition, the Biotalent Program is being promoted in collaboration with:

Auditorio Mar de Vigo

¿When and Where?

BioTalent Program will be held in person on June 12th at 12:45 PM during the Galicia Biodays event at the Mar de Vigo Auditorium.

June 12th at 12:45 PM
Mar de Vigo Auditorium, Vigo